san diego comic con…

I will be at san diego comic con mostly wandering around a bunch. I will be signing at the SLG booth friday from 2:30 to 4:00 and sunday from 11:00 to 12:30. saturday I’ll be at the Adventure Time panel at 3:00 (I won’t be on the panel but most of the crew of the show will be sitting up front if you want to stop by and say hello after the panel).
check out my twitter feed for updates.

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ADVENTURE TIME season 2 title cards… part 2

here’s the rest of the title cards sketches I designed for adventure time season 2. You can see the finals here.

for the limit the maze was drawn by Santino Lascano i drew the monsters.


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wet hot american summer

COME SEE ART! Camp Firewood show at gallery 1988 venice is tonight in santa monica from 7-10 pm hosted by David Wain! It’s a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the comic send up Wet Hot American Summer.

should be fun!
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wet hot american sketches…

here’s my sketch for a piece i put together for an upcoming tribute to Wet Hot American Summer art show at gallery 1988 venice this friday. (click the image to make larger)

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strange kids club interview…

hey check it out. i was interviewed at the strange kids club.
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adventure time title cards part 1…

One of the coolest thing about doing design on Adventure Time is that we get to design the title cards for each episode. Here’s a few of the sketches I made as guidelines for the painters who made the final pieces, which you can see here.


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Sandwich time!

here’s a piece i was trying to put together for the adventure time art show but didn’t get to finish it in time.

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